The Factions plugin for the Bukkit Modding API allows a server community to create factions. Factions are able to claim territorys, fight as one and kill each other for total conquest. forge alliances, and declare war on other nations via server commands.


As a faction server, the Factions plugin has been an integral part of Goose's server since its founding in early 2011, although several temporary maps have been used between Bukkit updates.

List of commandsEdit

While in-game, console commands require the prefix /f to all commands.

Server exclusive commandsEdit

  • /f safeclaim [radius] - Claim land for a safe zone. if doesn't work most in comments
  • /f autosafe [on|off] - Automatically claim land for a safe zone.
  • /f safeunclaimall - Unclaim all safe zones.
  • /f warclaim [radius] - Claim land for a war zone.
  • /f autoclaim [on|off] - Automatically claim land for a war zone.
  • /f warunclaimall - Unclaim all war zones.
  • /f peaceful [faction] - Toggle a specified faction's peaceful status.
  • /f bypass - Toggle admin bypass mode to modify land regardless of restrictions.
  • /f lock [on|off] - Lock all disk writing.
  • /f saveall - Write all factions to disk.
  • /f reload [file] - Reload all data from disk. If the [file] parameter is included, specified files can be loaded.
  • /f config [setting] [file] - Change any setting in conf.json immediately.
  • /f version - Displays what version of Factions is in use.
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  • Depending on your alliance, other faction names will appear in special text. Your own faction will appear in green, allied factions will be highlighted in purple, neutral factions are white, and enemy factions will be shown in red text.
  • Server administrators can set special factions to a peaceful status, in which the specified faction cannot participate in PvP, claim other faction land, or be considered an ally of any faction. However, peaceful factions are immune to PvP or hostile land claims. This function is currently disabled.

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